CEOVETS is a private group of veteran owned companies that offer high value to the armed forces community. For many, it is a roadmap on how to easily get their products and message out to the world.
Those accepted or invited into CEOVETS gain exclusive access to our network and regularly have their products featured on the official @military page. This partnership will quickly put you in the game along side other well known brands.



$199 per month

  Feed post – 1/per week! (Reg. $300)

  Story post – 1/per week! (Reg. $100)

  CEOVETS partnership license (Reg. $95)


$995 per month

  1 month FREE! ($199 savings)

  Feed post – 1/per week! (Reg. $300)

  Story post – 1/per week! (Reg. $100)

  CEOVETS partnership license (Reg. $95)

  Access to the CEO chat group

  Invitation to private facebook page

  CEOVETS exclusive gear ($65 value)


Place this image on your website or any marketing material to show consumers that you are a partnered and trusted brand with us.

When you get accepted into this program, you will immediately receive a CEOVETS partnership license that says you are a trusted and verified veteran owned company. This can be digitally placed on your website or printed on any other marketing material you would like customers to see. You will also have the ability to schedule posts on our @military page every week until you decide to cancel your monthly subscription. However, even when your subscription expires, your CEOVETS partnership will remain valid for 1 year.

This started because we receive hundreds of advertising requests each month that we charge $300-$1000 to regular companies per post, we decided recently to work with veteran owned companies exclusively. This is our way to create growth opportunity for our brothers and sisters who have served and make it available to them!

The program is simple and you’ll learn some tips on how to create compelling sales posts on social media. We have marketing assistance available that will help make your products stand out. Only 20 companies are allowed in to this program at once in but anyone can apply to receive their CEOVETS certification. If your application is denied because of no available spots then you will be put on a waiting list.

Receive 1 month free when you commit to 6 months.†